Schools Information

Local schools in Orange and Chatham Counties.

local schools
Local Schools

There are 17 schools in the Chatham County School District serving approximately 8229 students according to School Digger.

There are 34 schools in Orange County; they serve about 20,000 students every year

Chapel HIll/Carrboro City Schools

Has 20 Schools: 4 High schools, 4 middle schools, 11 elementary schools and a school for young people being treated at UNC Hospital with over 12,000 students

Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools

chapel hill carrboro city schools
Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools
Orange County Schools

Has 13 schools: 7 Elementary with 1 year round school, 3 Middle Schools and 3 High schools with over 7500 students

Orange County Schools

orange county schools
Orange County Schools
Chatham County Schools

 Has 17 schools: 4 High Schools, 3 Middle Schools, 5 K-8, 5 Elementary Schools with over 8200 students

Chatham County Schools

chatham county school classroom
Chatham County Schools